Scabby and Scaly but hey I’m still pretty!

You know when you see those adverts with the tagline.... Itchy flaky scalp??? Or are your arms like the sahara? ? Well that pretty much describes me if I don't mind my skin! I like over 100,000 people in our lovely country suffer with Psorasis! Suffer sometimes seems too strong a word as I have … Continue reading Scabby and Scaly but hey I’m still pretty!

New year fresh face

  Ok Glamettes the shops are getting their spring stock in as we speak so we all need to update our Skincare to improve our look without the war paint! So that means answering your front door to the postman in your best Loungewear and sans slap! A New Years resolution to be more disiplined … Continue reading New year fresh face

Tweezerman oh tweezerman!

Tweezers.. Point or angle ? Everyone needs one if each in their arsenal of beauty gadgets. For eyebrows upper lip or chin choose Angled tweezers for targeted hair removal. The slant makes it easier to grip and pull. Pointed tweezers are good for short hair. Pluck in the direction of hair growth. Pluck after a … Continue reading Tweezerman oh tweezerman!

Banish the Blues – Aaaa-chooooo

Lots of people are sick at the moment boost your immune system by taking a good multi vitamin and lots of fruit and veg. Keep your skin hydrated and use eye cream when you're sick! It will make sure you don't get chapped or dry skin.Top yourself up with B vitamins in a tincture format … Continue reading Banish the Blues – Aaaa-chooooo

Glamity….. C’est Moi!

So here it is! My very own blog! I am so passionate about making people feel great! And this is how it begins! I have long asked myself what would I do without make up??? I love it! Its not the only thing that is important to me but it's such a huge part of … Continue reading Glamity….. C’est Moi!