Try the latest skin technology 

There is nothing that evolves faster than the beauty world, and being a self confessed skincare lover I was so intrigued by some of the latest launches.  The innovation and research that has gone into them is something so important and intriguing.  Following many years of research into the benefits of a healthy microbiome and … Continue reading Try the latest skin technology 

One to watch in 2022 – a sustainable skincare regime with SEABODY

All-Irish marine powered cosmetic and nutraceutical brand SEABODY has the perfect range for a guilt free beauty option for 2022. This biodesigned range of skin care will supply eco conscious skincare lovers with sustainable, ethical health and beauty products. Not only are the products vegan & cruelty free but they contain proprietary marine molecules that … Continue reading One to watch in 2022 – a sustainable skincare regime with SEABODY

Neo Strata – Active Anti Ageing for the over 30’s

Galloping towards 40, 2018 was the year of trying more cosmeceutical type skincare and in the first half of the year I dedicated my routine for three months to cult favourite Neo Strata. I think I am one of the longest standing beauty editors that loves this brand and have always championed it even before … Continue reading Neo Strata – Active Anti Ageing for the over 30’s

Budget Beauties

Payday is still a week away and with that in mind I wanted to show you some pretty budget buys to help beat the January blues. Matt lipsticks have become a staple in all of our make up bags and one of the best stain / colour combo comes from Wet'nWild and their liquid catsuit. … Continue reading Budget Beauties

Blog lovin…

Blogs are light entertainment and a way for like minded folk to express their opinions and or reviews of products and services. They are rarely preachy or know-it-ally and give an honest down to earth review from people that can genuinely hand on heart put pen to paper or in the modern day finger to … Continue reading Blog lovin…