Brush Crush

I’ll keep this one short and sweet because we already know that Real Techniques are a great brand. We already know that as a brand that is designed by Sam and Nic Chapman we will always get results driven brushes but wait for the mic drop when it comes to these babies because honestly at €15.99 each they are a total steal.

Nobody said that choosing a brush was easy but what we have here are five brilliant brushes looking all cute and clean.

They didn’t stay that way for long as I put them through their paces. Here are my thoughts in order of preference of brush ( they are all super but like your mother had a favourite child I have a fave brush pecking order )

First is the blush, the reason I love this is that the slightly triangly head means you won’t go hardcore aunt Sally with the blush, I’ve tried it with Mineral, powder and cream and it performs amazingly.

Next is the contour. Need cheekbones? This one sculpts the face and jawline like no other. The densely packed bristles means that the cream contour worked like an absolute dream.

The Fan was next… glitzy , matte, glam, understated powder highlighters all appeared flawless with the help of this. Creams I didn’t feel worked as well but the powders were light and evenly applied regardless of the finish required. Iced donut? Check . Slight highlight? Check.

Next up the powder one .. great for adding a little bit of colour to the face in light sweeping motions and also for packing on a mineral finishing powder.

Lastly the foundation. A powder foundation I thought worked great with this. I found it absorbed a lot of the liquid and was a bit hard to clean. But I tried some mineral powder foundation and it buffed it in well. Coverage would be the only issue with this brush I feel.

All in all a stellar collection of brushes at ab affordable price. Cruelty free and absolutely the prettiest addition to your make up bag for SS18

Cleaning your brushes…. listen up long wear foundation users

I’ve had some dalliances recently with different long wear foundations, most namely MAC face and body and Lancôme Teint Idol 24 . While Estée Lauders Take it away might cleanse it off your skin regular brush cleanser doesn’t cut the mustard.

Ordinarily I use this MAC cleanser on my brushes ,some research has shown me the way! And by research I mean Anna Saccone. She’s such a Mecca of tips and while I’d seen it on Pinterest I was still quite sceptical until I saw her YouTube video.


She popped up a blog recently about using some Olive Oil to clean her brushes so I gave it a whirl myself. I added tea tree oil to olive oil and washed it out with some deep cleansing shampoo. I used the Toni and Guy Detox one. The brushes are now soft, clean and perfect to use again. I used the Tea tree oil for its anti- bacterial properties.As with all cleansing of brushes it’s really important to dry them flat, unless you have a brush tree! Like this one ; I don’t have one I just use a rolled up old hand or tea towel.


I’m still using my trusty mac brush cleanser for my eye brushes but any”wet product” brushes are getting the Olive Oil treatment … Olive oil you can buy in any supermarket and this tee tree oil I bought from Holland &Barrett.



Try it! I promise you will be left with soft and manageable brushes! Just make sure you rinse it properly of residue


Mac brushes… Let’s get started on them


The first brush that we are going to look at fir the eye area is the infamous dome shaped brush that is the 224 tapered blending brush. This gives great application of product over the socket area it really blends perfectly. The bristles are soft yet not too easily disrupted that it is uncontrollable.

I’ve used it to apply concealer under the eye are too or on a large scarred area and have found it to be flawless.

A must buy xxxxx