Budget Beauties

Payday is still a week away and with that in mind I wanted to show you some pretty budget buys to help beat the January blues.

Matt lipsticks have become a staple in all of our make up bags and one of the best stain / colour combo comes from Wet’nWild and their liquid catsuit. A liner is essential with these as the pigment is so strong it’s almost like a lip paint. You can wear them alone or under a gloss. They offer comfort and long wear. Nudist Peach ( pictured) is a nice warm nude peach that is handy for bringing your make up bag into spring. Another product well worth the investment is the Mega Glow Highlighters . Offering what call a soft focus metallic finish to the skin , they act really well as a tear duct pop of glow too. Avoid if you’re very lined around the face though as the finish may look quite harsh and sit in lines or pores. This isn’t exclusive to this brand it happens across the board.

Lashes are an expensive hobby if like me you wear them every day but I do find that they open my eyes and finish the eye make up look with a glam touch. They can help you look less tired also but I do find a lighter lash with a thinner band works best. I always use Duo glue to apply them as I find this easy to use and won’t pull on the Lashes they just peel off.

The Primark (Penneys) own brand Lashes are only €1.50 and the Wispies are the ones I wear the most these days. The glue that comes with them is quite strong so I would recommend having some Duo on the side. The latest addition to the eye range is pigment and honestly you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between this €3 brand and some of the more expensive ones. Pictured is the colour Mink Pink which is a great dupe for Inglot 119.

The nude liner in Foxy Nude is a nice little addition for €1.50, I have bought quite a few of these in recent times to keep in my desk at work for emergencies. I also for €2.50 decided ya pick up the cotton bud holder which looks good on a dresser and is really practical.

Lastly is the PHr range designed for working out. The range has everything you need for a basic base. Now here is the thing I don’t really condone the concept of working out wearing make up but the mascara is quite good €2.50 and waterproof , and isn’t going to affect your skin. The other products like the highlighter stick is nice for an non glittery highlight, just apply with a synthetic brush and less is more because of the cream consistency. I think oddly women that are Menopausal mag like this range as it’s sweat proof . Penneys are as a brand always striving to improve their range and I have to say in recent times the colour /makeup range has really improved. The bits above are ones I liked and used. I think their brushes are great too and better than some of the bigger brands. They have a no frills approach and I like that.

My only bugbear is that you can’t get Wet n Wild products anymore in Penneys. It’s one of my favourite budget brands and it was so handy picking the bits I wear regularly there.

Happy Sunday and let me know if you try any of my recommendations. X

Decadence- An Irish tan

Decadence Tan- I have to say I am a convert…… It arrived on Thursday and as I had a hen party over the weekend I was dubious about trying a new product but was equally time poor so decided after a quick sniff of the bottle I would give it a whirl.

I am glad I did. Firstly because Mr Glamity did the sniff test and was thrilled to report it smelt neither of curry nor digestives but kind of cosmetic-y. Result. ( It smell orangey I think).

You need to use a mitt when applying this. It comes in a handy spray bottle but if you aren’t a lover of sprays you can use it like a liquid. My favourite mitt of all is the He Shi one. I have super dry skin and felt this was nice and hydrating too.

Its tinted so you can see what you are doing and it darkens to a nice golden colour. i must say I got lots of compliments on it and the second coat made me just the kind of dark I like to be. It washes off well and you don’t get any patchy fading. You can re-apply it again straight away. It is organic so id suitable for any pregnant gals out there wondering about that. It would alos be a great male tanning product as the smell is not off putting.

If I had my own Glamity store I would stock this produxt in a heartbeat! But as I don’t please see the list of stockists here http://www.decadencecosmetics.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1&Itemid=3