Skin Cycling, not a spin class for your skin

There seems to be a new trend in skincare every week and sometimes I am loath to cover them because they can often be damaging or compromise the skin barrier. Many of the  Tik Tok generation have not yet encountered things such as fine lines or indeed a bad skin day.  From a skincare perspective … Continue reading Skin Cycling, not a spin class for your skin

Try the latest skin technology 

There is nothing that evolves faster than the beauty world, and being a self confessed skincare lover I was so intrigued by some of the latest launches.  The innovation and research that has gone into them is something so important and intriguing.  Following many years of research into the benefits of a healthy microbiome and … Continue reading Try the latest skin technology 

Staycation Style with Glamdoll

If you've already tried Googling "best compact lighted makeup mirror," you've probably quickly discovered that the internet has approximately a million options to choose from—either extremely cheap and nasty,or  also oddly expensive and bulky ?  I've been there, and the whole process can be incredibly irritating because looks can be deceiving . If something is … Continue reading Staycation Style with Glamdoll

Glamity Jane Services……

Fancy a one to one beauty consultation? Are you stuck in a make- up rut? Book in for a one to one consultation where we can make over your make up bag and chat about skincare. We can find the solution to all of your skincare and make up dilemmas in a relaxed environment at … Continue reading Glamity Jane Services……

Last nights outfit.

Girly nights are the best especially when you are geared up for a few nibbles and a nice evening with your pal. Bank holidays are a complete social nightmare for me as I'm usually working. This weekend was the exception and I decided to glam it up, but ended up in my reliable skinny jeans. … Continue reading Last nights outfit.

Glamity….. C’est Moi!

So here it is! My very own blog! I am so passionate about making people feel great! And this is how it begins! I have long asked myself what would I do without make up??? I love it! Its not the only thing that is important to me but it's such a huge part of … Continue reading Glamity….. C’est Moi!