Suu Balm really soothes your face

This is skin health month and with that in mind I thought I’d share some tips for soothing itchy or atopic skin. Incidentally I’ve also found that the products are great for the whole family including any menopausal ladies. I’m a lover of effective skincare but recognise the importance of keeping the skin barrier at … Continue reading Suu Balm really soothes your face

Budget Beauties

Payday is still a week away and with that in mind I wanted to show you some pretty budget buys to help beat the January blues. Matt lipsticks have become a staple in all of our make up bags and one of the best stain / colour combo comes from Wet'nWild and their liquid catsuit. … Continue reading Budget Beauties

Ten Commandments

10 Commandmenst of make up 1. Thy shalt not skimp on skincare 2. Thou shalt correct and Conceal 3. Thou shalt wear the right foundation 4.Thou shalt only use powder where required 5.Thou shalt utilised bronze and blush 6.Thou shalt always use lipliner and lipstick or lipgloss 7.Thou shalt define thy holy brows 8. Thou … Continue reading Ten Commandments


Todays top tip: foundation spreads a lot easier at body temparature so pour a little onto the back of your hand to warm it before applying.... Flawless. You will notice if you are ever getting your make up done most artists will do this x Always shop for foundation in the day time... Natural light … Continue reading Foundation