Meraki Brows

Nobody likes crap eyebrows let’s face it .. I mean they frame your face and they also play a vital part in expression … how else are you going to look shocked when your credit card bill comes?

They play an essential part for me in looking awake and also in creating balanced because I love a strong lash and a nice dose of eye make up.

My brow gal Katie moved to a new salon in Glanmire called Meraki which opened its doors in July. Meraki is owned by Sarah Jane Curtis a well known therapist best known for her nails and she had a thriving business that needed a new premises and a bigger team.

The salon itself is super cute and perfect for the ‘gram. The recurring theme is floral design with plenty of the rose gold accents.

I attended the launch and was treated to some beautiful candy floss cocktails and Palmento Pizza.

Once Katie settled I followed her there for my brows. Priced at €14 for a tint and wax it’s good value for money. These aren’t mates rates either so I’m told the price is just that for everyone for the signature brow. I was kinda surprised really given the level of detail that Katie puts into her brow work, and the going rate for brows seems to be around €25ish in a lot of places.

I didn’t want to just post this straight after the brow work as I wanted to see how the ting etc would last and everything was perfect. You can see that my brows clearly need the ting and shape, otherwise they resemble a wild gorse type scenario and let’s face it… I need good brows.

Overall I knew that Katie’s work was impeccable and now I know her new workplace is too.

You can find the gals on social media and be sure to give them a like.

They do a loyalty card too with every treatment you get a stamp. I’ve collected two already which is so handy. I live little rewards when I spend money in a salon.

I also had a Dibi Milano facial there which was gorgeous. I’ll need to try the aftercare before I can comment on that. The facial itself was hydrating and relaxing. The use of the skin scanner to assess hydration levels was a nice touch too.

Eden Medical my journey to a better face

We all have small insecurities about ourselves things we would rather not have to look at everyday and for me working in the industry I do it means that I’m sometimes in the spotlight a little. Most notably with various events etc I have to attend. I’m no stranger to a little tweak, a ml of filler or anything that’ll help me look good. I have this theory about how looking good makes you feel good. It gives you confidence to go out there and be comfortable in your own skin.

Let’s set the record straight here… I’m not suggesting anybody head out and start getting jabbed with needles for the sake of it ( and believe me I’ve had some offers ) but if you feel in your heart you’d like to make some minor improvements then it’s worth it. You are worth it. I’m not suggesting for a minute that we head on the reality TV bandwagon of just getting our faces injected. What I’m suggesting is realizing the best version of yourself.

I have always worked off the principle that if you’re going to have any procedure done you should rely on experts. So like any good beauty hack I went off and had some consultations and then basically made a decision. Firstly I’d had quite a negative experience in another clinic , but that’s for another blog post. Secondly I used to work in a clinic before so I knew what to look out for.

Let’s start with what you categorically don’t want :

A salesperson ; this is the kind of person that tries to convince you that you need everything filled and frozen and will offer you a package deal … sort of like a multipack of crisps at the supermarket. You need 3 areas of Botox and your cheeks , and lips filled. While I’m at it do you want some lower face Botox you’re looking kinda big in your jaw area..Here is the consent form … woah back up buddy what? No.

A drill and fill : this is the type of doctor that approaches it in a partially agricultural way. Load up the filler and away we go

A backstreet clinic : this is your person that flies in and does the injectables without telling you whether they are FDA approved. You’ll find these people will typically be only present in the premises part time so if you come back there’s nobody to rectify your problem. Once there is a medic ( Dr or Nurse) on hand at all times you’re good. Loads of salons have visiting doctors and that’s perfectly acceptable too. Many doctors travel to inject a list and then leave and come back a few weeks later and revisit. That’s fairly common practice especially in rural areas where demand mightn’t be that much.

Just so you know too … Clinic’s are required to have EPI pens and first aid supplies in case something goes wrong.

Anyway with Eden I have found them to be friendly and warm in their approach and Dr. Emma is kind and caring. She is really honest about expectation and results and will never ” sell” you a service that won’t make you look your best.

I have had anti aging injections ( Botox) lip fillers and Profhilo all carried out over the course of the last year.

My frown lines were zapped and my brow lifted. My lips filled ( twice ) and I’ve had two Profhilo skin treatments which helps with laxity of the skin, to be honest I had been contemplating getting filler in my marionettes ( these are the ones from the corner of your face to your chin) but Profhilo has given the result I wanted.

Let’s discuss the brow lift first … Botox is injected between the brows and just over them to give a little lift. This takes effect 7-10 days post treatment. You then attend for a review and if you need more it is at this point you get a second injection. With anti ageing injections Doctors tend to be ginger in their approach and add. Although not permanent the effects last typically 12-14 weeks so it’s much better to be cautious with a dosage rather than go full throttle.

The lip filler is done with a topical numbing cream to ensure minimal pain. The area is injected then and the filler takes about 24/48 hours to adjust to your body temperature after that it feels no different from your own lips. It’s offers plumping and slighter larger lips. You can only go to a certain size to keep it looking natural. I had recently suggested more filler in my lips but Dr Emma thought it would change the balance of my face too dramatically. As I respect her opinion as a Dr I took her advice.

Make up free

Profhilo is a skin treatment whereby HA is injected into 5 different points on the face to offer a smooth finish. This is a smoothing as opposed to plumping treatment.

I loved the results of Profhilo as it’s an overall treatment that helps you look youthful. For me the over 35’s will love this and I must admit to feeling more confident to going make up free since having it done. This one is more for a fresh face healthy glow look that a filler look. You don’t need to be an injectables person to have this done as its all about giving you a natural refreshed look.

Dr Emma

For me the measure of what I’ve had done is that I feel good about how I look. There’s nothing wrong or vain about wanting to look good. It’s a big part of my identity and truth be told I’ve always been diligent with my skin, except perhaps with sun exposure in my youth. Another big factor for me is knowing that people that follow my website or social media have gone to Eden and been satisfied. I hate to recommend anywhere that’s not up to scratch especially for injectables.

This isn’t a sponsored or paid by Eden Medical in anyway. I am happy to continue going there as I feel they know my face.

I’m not chasing perfection but I’m chasing feeling good and looking good. Eden does that in a non pushy way that feels natural to me.

You can contact them by calling 021 2067768

Going full length…..

You may have noticed I am dipping my toe cautiously into fashion blogging. The reason being that although I’m not by any means an amazing representative for being a certain body type. I am proof that you can be plus size and embrace your look. I welcome all commentary on this of course just like I do on my skincare and make up posts. I was sooooo nervous though starting out and normally not one to shy away from my comfort zone I tested the waters on my insta stories first and the response was pretty amazing to be frank. Hundreds of women send me DMs saying that there was a gap in the market for someone that was confidently happy in their own skin to make a break for it. We are all different and we are all prepared to celebrate diversity in every way. So yes the toned look is great. But also there are women going about their daily lives that want to see how something looks on someone like them.

Here I am 🙂


The more I scrolled through my Instagram feed the more I was seeing a particular body type. I thought back to myself as a teen / young adult and how the waif look has been in. I used to choose to read books over magazines because I didn’t feel like I fit the typical pretty look. I grew up feeling very mediocre in my appearance but it actually never bothered me to to be honest. I’ve never been about my looks ever… which is just as well with a big nose and a belly. I will admit to making the best of myself though, and I have this theory … I’m not a head turner but I’m not a stomach turner either and that attitude has served me well.

Fat is something that when you carry extra weight you will be referred to as. People will offer you advice about dropping weight. People will tell you stories of how their friends and family members lost weight. They’ll chime in on how they lost weight. People will give you exercise DVDs ( true story ) in an attempt to ” motivate you” . People will ask you when you are going to hit the gym. People think they are being helpful. Let me explain something … it doesn’t work. At all. You end up making the person feel bad and isolating then from you because they are worried that you will keep returning to an uncomfortable subject. Leave it. Please.

Here’s the thing. I can lose weight quickly if I want to. I know the Educogym way works. The guys that work there will help you shift body fat quickly and it does stay off provided you maintain healthy eating and exercise. I like the shape it gives me in terms of toned legs and arms. It’s also increased my bum size a bit to make it higher.

Every human is different. But just remember that. Behind the weight is a human. Don’t feel sorry for them or offer unsolicited advice.

I am really lucky to be confident. I don’t really fit into anyone’s idea of an ideal body. I’m Apple shaped and have all of my fat bits on my middle. So let’s face it there isn’t a fashion brand in the world that finds that aspirational. That’s ok.

The other thing is beauty brands are less likely to repost pictures of things like legs or arms that are tanned with their product if your thighs are chunky. That’s a fact.

But I still want to look good? I still want to be somewhat stylish ? Yes on both counts. Apart from the need to wear clothing for decency we also need to wear clothes because they make us feel good.

I remember being at a conference in London last year and someone telling me that men only chatted me up because I looked like a tramp… inferring somehow that a person offering to buy me a drink was only doing so to get me to bed. This was after numerous comments regarding my weight and appearance.

Another thing that will stick out in my mind was shopping for bridesmaid dresses and how only one in the whole shop flattered my shape. One dress in a warehouse full of them. The dress was beautiful but not really what the bride wanted.

So here goes nothing … like everything I do I’ll enter the fashion world as I did the beauty world … at my own pace and with my own rules.

I’m still working on my angles … I’m not sure of how to pose because I haven’t ever really had to so all Tips are gratefully received.

Just to be clear I’m not worried about critique at all if something isn’t nice on me or whatever but just remember this before you comment on anyone’s posts .. if it’s something that can’t be changed instantly .. then just leave it. By instantly I mean a dress , a lipstick or a pair of hideous shoes 🙂


Lipstick is something that I love since getting enhanced lips. I must own over a hundred of them at this stage. I do tend to stick to nudes or reds ( I mean talk about the sublime to the ridiculous ) . And I do really love a good quality matte one. Firstly I’d like to say that I keep my lips hydrated and in good condition.

As a brand Note is freely available in pharmacies and is a really accessible price point which I think is important when you are trying a new brand. They are under two years in Ireland but are now well established and a favourite of many a blogger and beauty editor.

The lip cream were the ones I loved opaque and king wearing they passed both the coffee test and the wine test. You do need to let the cream settle on the lip and if you’re over 25 , a liner is essential, Note do have full range of lip pencils too which is handy. On a side note I feel that lip pencils are really versatile and you only need a couple of them in your collection. I like a traditional style one that you have to sharpen as opposed to an automatic one as they are slightly more precise

The mineral lip creams are easy to apply and contain a sponge like applicator,

If you prefer a more traditional lipstick then I took this shot for Instagram and one of my favourite pinky nudes in the matte moist lipstick in the colour Miss Kiss which is really good at making your teeth look whiter.

You can purchase Note in Sam McCauley from €5 and the colour payoff and wearability on the full range is incredible

We need to talk about … Double Standards

The news over the last number of weeks has been pretty grim and the general narrative is in no way gender neutral. Women by our very nature are nurturers, we make things better, try to cope and see apparently better at ” coping”. We are expected to be paragons if virtue and keep our knickers on whilst still being expected to give birth and keep everyone happy. It’s a mans world was something my mother regularly said.

She died when I was 21 and really it’s only taken me nearly 20 years to realise that she was right. My dad was a modern man at the time , they both worked , he did his fair share of the housework etc so my perception growing up wasn’t that Mum did everything ..

Let’s start with Ant McPartlins drink driving just weeks after an exit from rehab. Pictures emerged of a man broken desolate and looking rather contrite. Sympathy was rife for the poor victim of alcoholism and his apparent slip off the wagon.

Anybody remember Amy Winehouse being afforded the same sympathy ? No, me either. Labelled a druggie and an alcoholic shambles in every publication was the course of action shown to her. Immense ridicule and it totally overshadowed her brilliance on some level.

And poor Dec being left to do the Saturday night takeaway alone prompted worldwide support. Even old high waisted jeans himself Simon Cowell took to Twitter to offer his support. Outpouring of love for this pro who without his buddy was deemed half a man. Cop on.

Remember when Kurt Cobain died? And left Courtney Love a widow with a small child? The only thing she got really was her face plastered on tabloids and her ability as a mother questioned. Can we see what’s happening here?

Men that don’t want marriage or kids are seen a bachelors wanting a quiet life and no nagging. Women choose it? They are viewed as career women that are selfish and cold. If I were a man there is no way people would question my childless status but because I’m a woman , they do it constantly.

Twitter for me was a bad place after the recent Belfast Rape trial. The lad culture that we have become conditioned to.

This culture isn’t a new phenomenon I’m afraid.At 19 I worked in a bar and on a Sunday night this group of ” lads” came in. It wasn’t their first stop of the day and their order was always the same , Four vodkas , two red bull and two pints of Heineken. One of them in particular used to regularly make remarks sexually at me, and I used to just ignore them. One night though I had enough and said to him ” since you think I want it so much and you’re so proud of it why don’t you take it out!?” Show me this amazing appendage that you want me to experience because I am sick of hearing about it. I said it loud enough for everyone to hear. One of his friends said to me ” fair play you don’t deserve that filth ” and I looked at him fairly murderously and said : ” it’s s pity you didn’t tell him shut up then isn’t it? ” I was a bit mad at myself for allowing the creep to do what he did for months without taking him to task. I was proud that I hadn’t used any sexual words to describe his ” manhood” though because he was so vile I couldn’t be sure he wouldn’t get off on me swearing at him.

I had always refused to wear the women’s TShirt to work , opting instead for a size large in the Male polo shirt . I hid beneath baggy jeans and buffalo trainers. I tried to make myself blend in with the boys. I wanted to do my job and have a good time. There was only one other girl working there. She was as much of a lad as I was. That was 20 years ago now. Time flies but unfortunately the same lad culture still exists.

While nobody can be jailed for a what’s group chat , or ” lad banter ” we need to look quite closely at the type of macho bull that is prevalent among some men these days. The belief that women that find this attitude steeped in misogyny are “feminazis” is completely ludicrous.

Women indulge in sexual talk of course they do, they discuss their sexual lives and partners just as much as men , probably more. But that group chat was discussing a girl leaving a party hysterical and bleeding, and all the while being perceived as a merry go round and a spit roast. I’m not sure how proficient these guys are in bed but generally if a woman is enjoying it she doesn’t leave with a vaginal laceration because vaginas are designed to accommodate sex. When it’s consensual.

Referring to women as sluts isn’t ok. Men are never given this title but apparently ” top shaggers” is how we ought to refer to them. This double standard seems to indicate that women are there for male pleasure. Top tip… women enjoy sex. Women are every bit as sexual as men. Women have needs too. If you are in an intimate situation with a woman you’ll know if she’s enjoying it. Any good lover is attuned to the other regardless of their connection.

Nobody knows what happened apart from the people present and while we may not agree, a verdict has been reached and we must respect it. Not guilty.

The complainants life is changed forever. So are the four men that were found not guilty. All five were given the trial by social media and there is no doubt that there’s a lot more to come out. Statements . Regret. Shoulda, woulda coulda. Too late.

Which brings us to the question of consent. Consent is something we deal with daily .. want a coffee? No thanks, no coffee is presented. Someone looks hungry ? You offer them food , they take it great they don’t no biggie. Sex is the same. You don’t need a questionnaire or disclaimer which has been the suggestion by some. A simple ” do you want to” or ” are you ok with this ” will suffice. The same thing applies whether it’s a one night stand , some al fresco heavy petting or in a long term relationship. People shouldn’t be pressured in to consent. If the urge is really that bad? You can relieve yourself at a later stage. If in doubt don’t whip it out. That’s a mantra right there guys. If it stops at a certain point that’s ok. There’s no obligation.

There are no good rapists or bad rapists, it happens under differing circumstances but… if you don’t get consent you’re no better than someone that sets out to attack or rape someone. There’s no grey area around consent. Educate yourself.

As for the concept of ” buyer remorse ” the next day? That’s a society led thing which has conditioned women to think that they are Harlots for having a one night thing. Before I get abused for this belief , falsely accusing someone is despicable , no doubt. I think anyone that would accuse someone out of regret is wrong on every level. There’s no excuse.

But what about the children? I’m afraid my son will grow up and have too much to drink and get himself in trouble, here’s my advice :

if you would talk to your daughter about safety then talk to your son about consent.

Lastly let’s look at our constitution and the eighth amendment. Having autonomy over your body is a human right. Being able to access modern healthcare in your country where you pay tax is a human right. Men don’t have to travel for healthcare so why should women ? This isn’t about Ireland becoming a nation of murdering lunatics. This is about accessing a service that some people need for a variety of reasons. Morals don’t come into this one. It’s to repeal the 8th. Whether you believe in a virgin birth or you are an atheist your personally held beliefs are not relevant.

Trust me when I say this, the decision to end a pregnancy , viable or not isn’t an easy one. Very often external circumstances make the decision for the person. Nobody wakes up and says ” oh I’ll just casually do this “. For the record I have lost a baby , a baby that would now be almost of school going age. I had to sign the consent forms to bury him or her in an angel plot with other angel babies. My termination wasn’t my decision. I had to have it or I could have died, and all I could think of at the time was ” please don’t make me go to England” . Hysterical , distressed in a maternity hospital with newborns in the corridor. That was my fear, the stigma I might have to go England. My baby was essentially a time bomb in my womb waiting to erupt. For 12 hours that is how it felt while I waited for theatre. Safe in Cork, near my family if anything happened. Recovering , in Cork with my loved ones there for support. Others aren’t that fortunate. Can you see how wrong it is to go through that … and still count your blessings that there were no airports , no taxis to strange places and no hotels. I don’t know of a man that’s ever had to endure such atrocity. They never will. Women are human beings. Living breathing human beings. Let’s start treating them as such.

Brush Crush

I’ll keep this one short and sweet because we already know that Real Techniques are a great brand. We already know that as a brand that is designed by Sam and Nic Chapman we will always get results driven brushes but wait for the mic drop when it comes to these babies because honestly at €15.99 each they are a total steal.

Nobody said that choosing a brush was easy but what we have here are five brilliant brushes looking all cute and clean.

They didn’t stay that way for long as I put them through their paces. Here are my thoughts in order of preference of brush ( they are all super but like your mother had a favourite child I have a fave brush pecking order )

First is the blush, the reason I love this is that the slightly triangly head means you won’t go hardcore aunt Sally with the blush, I’ve tried it with Mineral, powder and cream and it performs amazingly.

Next is the contour. Need cheekbones? This one sculpts the face and jawline like no other. The densely packed bristles means that the cream contour worked like an absolute dream.

The Fan was next… glitzy , matte, glam, understated powder highlighters all appeared flawless with the help of this. Creams I didn’t feel worked as well but the powders were light and evenly applied regardless of the finish required. Iced donut? Check . Slight highlight? Check.

Next up the powder one .. great for adding a little bit of colour to the face in light sweeping motions and also for packing on a mineral finishing powder.

Lastly the foundation. A powder foundation I thought worked great with this. I found it absorbed a lot of the liquid and was a bit hard to clean. But I tried some mineral powder foundation and it buffed it in well. Coverage would be the only issue with this brush I feel.

All in all a stellar collection of brushes at ab affordable price. Cruelty free and absolutely the prettiest addition to your make up bag for SS18

Blemish Emergency Solution 

Spots are not to be picked do you hear me? NOT to be picked. Your mum told you, your beauty therapist told you and now I am telling you. Forget it. I don’t care if Mount Ethna has erupted on your face, this is not a drill. Leave it out. Blemishes respond well totopical treatments and I am not talking the Clearsil variety but rather a gentler approach. Enter Payot, Pate Grise.  On cleansed skin, apply a thick layer at night locally on small spots with a cotton bud. How it works is it brings spots to head by accelarating the maturity of them. This means that they don’t last as long and will be less sore and angry looking as they won’t have had as much time to “bake”.


Generally speaking I find that my Time of Month really affects my skin and I always get one or two angry ones when they do appear. I am blessed to have generally good skin but it is always handy to know this little life saver is there. I hve been known to use it  on one or two ingrown ones too. They are stubborn spots that have a hair inside, you have to treat the surface first and this is such a handy little all rounder €18.95 you can buy it online or in your local Payot Stockist