Pure Potions for Dry Scaly Skin 

Itchy atopic skin is part of life for me everyday. While I control my Psoriasis quite well using a little prescription product the rest of my body is still dry. Bearing in mind I’m a slave to the shower I had to look to a range that was a good emollient and not over the top expensive. Off to Holland and Barrett with me and an introduction to Pure Potions, a cruelty free vegan range suitable for my skin, and face and body.

Out of all of the products I tried I loved the bath and body oil, which can be added to a bath or applied directly to the skin post shower. It smells fresh and quite natural so it’s not for anyone that loves a deep floral scent. It’s designed to be unisex so the scent is definitely not overpowering. The intensive moisturising is really great to apply to the scaled areas or the soles of your feet. This requires some heat to melt it into the skin and is a bit like coconut oil in texture.

The scalp oil is a great product for anyone that suffers with dry or flaky scalp. It’s a great alternative to some of the over the counter tar rich products that are really smelly. I can’t use it at the moment again because I’ve got hair extensions but I did give it a good road test and it’s honestly perfect for mild cases or patchy bits. It washes out well although I’d be inclined to shampoo it twice.

The face cream I gave to a friend with Eczema and the reports I received were very positive.

The while range started out in the founders kitchen when she sought a treatment for her toddler who suffered with eczema. The integrity of the brand is preserved to this day and although it’s not fancy or opulent it is practical and really soothing for dry skin.

Budget Beauties

Payday is still a week away and with that in mind I wanted to show you some pretty budget buys to help beat the January blues.

Matt lipsticks have become a staple in all of our make up bags and one of the best stain / colour combo comes from Wet’nWild and their liquid catsuit. A liner is essential with these as the pigment is so strong it’s almost like a lip paint. You can wear them alone or under a gloss. They offer comfort and long wear. Nudist Peach ( pictured) is a nice warm nude peach that is handy for bringing your make up bag into spring. Another product well worth the investment is the Mega Glow Highlighters . Offering what call a soft focus metallic finish to the skin , they act really well as a tear duct pop of glow too. Avoid if you’re very lined around the face though as the finish may look quite harsh and sit in lines or pores. This isn’t exclusive to this brand it happens across the board.

Lashes are an expensive hobby if like me you wear them every day but I do find that they open my eyes and finish the eye make up look with a glam touch. They can help you look less tired also but I do find a lighter lash with a thinner band works best. I always use Duo glue to apply them as I find this easy to use and won’t pull on the Lashes they just peel off.

The Primark (Penneys) own brand Lashes are only €1.50 and the Wispies are the ones I wear the most these days. The glue that comes with them is quite strong so I would recommend having some Duo on the side. The latest addition to the eye range is pigment and honestly you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between this €3 brand and some of the more expensive ones. Pictured is the colour Mink Pink which is a great dupe for Inglot 119.

The nude liner in Foxy Nude is a nice little addition for €1.50, I have bought quite a few of these in recent times to keep in my desk at work for emergencies. I also for €2.50 decided ya pick up the cotton bud holder which looks good on a dresser and is really practical.

Lastly is the PHr range designed for working out. The range has everything you need for a basic base. Now here is the thing I don’t really condone the concept of working out wearing make up but the mascara is quite good €2.50 and waterproof , and isn’t going to affect your skin. The other products like the highlighter stick is nice for an non glittery highlight, just apply with a synthetic brush and less is more because of the cream consistency. I think oddly women that are Menopausal mag like this range as it’s sweat proof . Penneys are as a brand always striving to improve their range and I have to say in recent times the colour /makeup range has really improved. The bits above are ones I liked and used. I think their brushes are great too and better than some of the bigger brands. They have a no frills approach and I like that.

My only bugbear is that you can’t get Wet n Wild products anymore in Penneys. It’s one of my favourite budget brands and it was so handy picking the bits I wear regularly there.

Happy Sunday and let me know if you try any of my recommendations. X

Bloggers Blaggers and Bull … a story of me with pictures

The blogger thing has quite frankly got me thinking and if I’m honest doing a bit of soul searching. Firstly I kinda ice skate quite inelegantly around the border of being a blogger, I have my own website and curate my own content , however the reason I initially started a blog was because someone said I should …. then it took off a little. Everyone is lashing out at bloggers now and to be honest I could see it coming with my ears. Last year I wrote two blogs Selfie Acceptance and Are we losing the integrity of blogging ?. One year on and the shit storm I predicted happened. It started with the BullShitCallerOuters page. The biggest eye opener of my life. I didn’t know the half of what was going on. And I’m right in the thick of it in terms of being a blogger although very clearly not an influencer. I am a good advisor though. Of that I can assure you. I don’t ever recommend products because of affiliation to a brand or PR company.

And then the HontheHuns page quickly followed suit gaining traction although it had been around a while. I actually think this page is possibly more centric in its approach. But to be honest I think the time had come for this.

So anyway between them they have been exposing editing , photoshopping and face tuning like it’s going out of fashion. That is theirs to do. Both have cited not wanting drama and reading the comments really opened my eyes. I think the general consensus is that anyone that says anything negative gets blocked. I can see both sides of this. Firstly you have the blogger getting comments about their personal appearance and lives being made by the minute. However if you put yourself out there you have to expect both positive and negative feedback. Sorry that’s a side order of instafame. Expose yourself and you will be exposed. That’s reality. But here’s the line… when you start insulting and dehumanising a person I don’t think that’s fair either. I get that people feel cheated. I understand that people feel duped ,but you cannot call someone horrible names and think it is ok. Unfollow and move along. The photoshopping is fairly obvious. I understand that not everyone knows how to do it but it’s like any advert people aren’t going to want to look bad. I don’t agree with it. It’s not right it’s not fair but you as the consumer has to make a choice. It is in your own interests that you realise content is curated , there’s a reason that there’s a pose called the blogger pose. There a reason that they fawn over certain products and people. The reason is money. Money isn’t a dirty word. It’s a currency we all need. I have made my own mistakes online I’m sure, and we can all get carried along in the hype of some dramatic online carry on. There is however a fine line between saying you don’t like the lipstick someone is wearing and “calling them on out having more lip fillers than Jackie Stallone” .

But MJ think of the childer….. I actually think that the name calling and negative carry on is as damaging to kids as the actual posts are. Everyone needs to clean up their act. Public forms of social media are completely different to What’s App groups where you might slag someone off. By all means as a consumer you have a right to complain but being personal isn’t really ok. It’s teaching the younger generation to become desensitised to this type of behaviour. It’s up to parents to do their best to explain to the younger people that being honest having integrity is far more important than anything, and to show them that they are worth more than a few likes on Instagram.

I’ve had my share of negativity and in fact three years ago I had a dose of therapy. Not retail therapy ( like people might recommend , feeling crap? Buy yourself a lipstick , no. ) but Therapy. Sit on a couch with a psychotherapist and snot into a tissue therapy. Turns out I had a lot of unresolved issues around grief and general neediness ( stems from losing my awesome parents so young) but anyway that’s a whole other blog. Go see a therapist if you can’t cope. They are awesome, and Jean was the second one I tried, the first one was bonkers.

You know what? Your mother didn’t carry you for nine months, go through labour , leaking boobs and a possible year of sleepless nights so you could compare yourself to girls on the internet. Understood? Good. Next..

The next thing is the products debacle. “They are importing it from China and it’s all crap” well now ask yourself this. Did you go into a chemist and test it? Did you check it out and see any reviews that weren’t by the person that made it? Did you make an educated informed choice ? That’s the question people need to ask. You cannot blame people for wanting to make money. You cannot blame people for wanting to earn a living. Make informed decisions. For what it’s worth I love the Sosu Lashes ( some styles but that is a choice) the glue though is horrible and tacky. Her contour pallet is good. Her highlight great. They eyeshadows ? Meh. Buy the earrings on Ali Express. Now we all know. They are allowed to approach companies and ask to collaborate. All they have to say is no. Maybe some need to work on their pitches and gain real interactive following but you don’t ask you don’t get.

Just Jordan launched Luna. *disclaimer I worked with Lisa in BT before ( just in the interests of being open ). She’s lovely and actually would tell you if you needed to fix your hair or if you had loo roll stick to your shoe or whatever. What you see on Snapchat etc is her. Anyway I digress. Her lipglosses are amazing and girly and not over the top in terms of price. Her photos are honestly what she looks like with makeup and yeah that is her actual body. You’d love to hate her but you can’t. She’s business smart and is approaching her blog like a business. She’s not duping anyone. She had a vision and went for it. Fair play Lisa ya legend.

Cherry Sue is like the Hugh Hefner of blogging. She was one of the first and her no frills attitude gives her the edge over a lot of simpering , faux self deprecating bloggers. She gives free advice and good hugs.

Louise O Connell is another lady whose determination and drive has seen her get where she wants to go. She’s a full time Nurse and is working hard to get her blog recognised and is doing a mighty fine job. I knew Lou when she had a bad fringe and a penchant for Blue Satin. She’s not changed much but the hair has.

The Beautiful Truth is my blog spirit animal. Sinead likes the same things I do and is definitely honest and approachable. She’s also a nice person with defined goals.

Katie’s Curvy Closet is another winner for me. I have to include her because she does my brows and is my therapist. She’s witty and body confident and extremely hot. She’s also funny and honest.

For Instaporn and Couple Goals I love The L Word by Laura. She’s hot and fit. She drinks cocktails and is a fierce lover of travel and fashion. She gave me my first protein ball. I love her.

In terms of make up Inspiration give me a slice of Jeanette Cronin. She isn’t afraid of glitter or lashes and is so nice. She can do my face anytime.

For a different approach to Fitness my Pilates Guru Sian Horn ( My Sayso) is a bit of gas. Although she likes vegan mayo so you might want to be cautious … just kidding she’s awesome.

When looking at bloggers ask yourself … are they aspirational or are they just someone you like, if they are neither you know what you have to do.

As I write this I am over six months into my dream job which wouldn’t have happened without GlamityJane. Working in a media and publishing house has always been a #goal of mine. Social Media has made that happen. Obviously it helped that I had a few brain cells and a bit of confidence. That confidence was hard come by though. I’ve had plenty of knocks.

You know when everyone wanted to be Carrie from Sex and the City? I saw the potential in Carrie for sure but I wanted to be Samantha. She for me was far more attractive an option. Ballsy, took care of her own needs and appearance , was a great friend , loyal , honest and was unashamedly herself. When I told people that they would look at me and be baffled. What ? Being a nympho maniac man eater is on your agenda? No. Being a woman confident in herself and her persona is. Everyone focused on the ballbreaking , one night stand loving Singleton. Nobody looked past that. She never allowed anyone to undermine her. Did she use her blonde hair and fierce attitude to get where she wanted ? She did. That is why I loved Samantha. Give me her over simpering “why doesn’t he love me in my tulle skirt pretty shoes that I can’t afford and lambswool cardigan ?” Carrie any day. Pass me a powerful outfit and a bag of sass right now please. Anyway cue 2018 and here I am. Carrie I am not ( thank god ).

Back to the bloggers and influencers. Are they Carrie or are they Samantha ? that’s what you gotta ask yourself.

BPerfect LMD Master Pallet

Last weekend I got to meet Brendan the creator of BPerfect Cosmetics. BPerfect is a brand that’s available in over 1000 outlets on the island of Ireland. As a man who has no artistry skills in terms of make up I found it a little funny that he would develop a range that was so good in terms of ease of use and quality especially as he doesn’t wear make up himself although he’s a self confessed tan lover.

The LMD face pallet is a mixture of soft focus warm tones and more dramatic smokey hues that blend quite well. The texture of the eyeshadows vary but they are soft and blend-able offering impact straight away. The pallet was Brendan’s brainchild and he enlisted Louise’s help to put the right collection of colours into it. It’s versatile in terms of use. I think to work with it effectively I’ve found that softer natural bristled brushes work really well with them. The synthetic ones I found made the pigment too loose. That however isn’t necessarily a bad thing but something to be mindful of if you are vegan.

There are lots of pros to this pallet the first one being that there’s a full range of colours and the highlight and contour are brilliant both as cheek products but also work well worn on the eyes.

The colours are all quite complimentary and there is a good range of warm and cool.

The matte colours blend quite well I did find he more sparkly ones needed a little bit of fixing spray to give maximum impact but I think I’m just extremely fussy when it comes to payoff.

See below a daytime look I created although it was evening before I got to take the shot

Then the night time more festive and dramatic look which I went heavy on the blush for.

All in all for €30 I think it would be a great gift. It’s early days as to whether it gets popped on the holy grail pile but I’m quite hopeful.

Christmas Gifting


Christmas Gifting doesn’t need to be super expensive. Stocking fillers are typically priced below €15 and if you are as sold as I am then I am almost positive that your memories of these are things like pencil cases and maybe a book. As a Cork based beauty blog I find that we are not limited in anyway especially with the online options and all of our amazing shops and pharmacies


This week I am looking at gifts under €35, if your list is lengthy then you will get the best value in your local Pharmacy. IsaDora Bronzing Kit €9.00 Christmas Set comes with a travel size Bronzing Powder in Terracotta Bronze and a free kabuki brush and miniature mascara – to fit the teeniest party purses! Perfect stocking filler for a glam on the go gal like myself. Available selected pharmacies nationwide. This brand recently hit Irish shelves and it is a massive hit with all ages.



Firstly we have the e.l.f. Double the Drama Eye Kit €25.00 From brows to lashes, everything you need to build and eye-opening look! Eye Enhancing Mascara The light reflecting, metallic mascara is designed to enhance and compliment the colour of your eyes. Baked Eyeshadow Trio: The lightweight baked formula can be worn wet for a vibrant effect or dry for softer pigment. Lock on Liner and Brow Cream: Glides on smoothly to sculpt, shade and define brown. Shape and Style Wax Pencil: Sculpt shape and tame brows. Brow Comb and Brush Sets brow shape and helps soften hair texture. e.l.f. Cosmetics are available from Penneys and pharmacies nationwide.



Ziaja are a pharmacy only brand that offer exceptional value for money for all age groups. Goat’s Milk Gift Set (rrp€14.99): take the milky way to beautiful skin with this gift set containing three top-selling ziaja goat’s milk heroes – a day cream, night cream and award-winning hand and nail cream. Manuka Skincare Gift Set (rrp€13.99): catering specifically for combination to oily complexions, this ziaja gift set combines three unique skincare products to cleanse, hydrate and restore the perfect balance – contains manuka tree day cream, manuka tree cleansing gel and manuka tree face toner. Jasmine Skincare Gift Set (rrp€19.99):  treat your complexion or a loved one’s to ziaja’s bestselling anti-ageing range – a collection of jasmine skincare treats that are guaranteed to smooth away concerns about ageing.  This gift set comes with three essential skincare products – jasmine day cream, jasmine night cream and a jasmine micellar water. Mens Gift Set (rrp€10.99):  the perfect edited gift set for men with three grooming essentials – Men Soothing Moisturising Cream SPF6, Men Soothing Shower Gel and Men Anti-perspirant.


Roger and Galet are famous for their pretty sets and the Fragrance duo set comes in a lovely keepsake gold tin that you could us afterwards for storage.  1x 30ml Wellbeing Water1x 50ml Body Lotion RRP: € 22.50.


Phyto was the first all-natural hair care brand and their exquisite, all-encompassing range of supplements, shampoos, hydrators and treatments have been painstakingly developed to nurture every hair type and texture – so whether yours is dry, frizzy, weakened, fine or thinning – Phyto have a super-charged botanical solution. The PHYTO Phytodensia Set, which includes the Phytodensia Plumping Serum and Phytodensia Plumping Shampoo, for anyone with thinning, devitalised hair €33.




For the make-up addict (all ages) try the new luxurious GLOWrious Highlighting & Bronzing Palette has three textures that practically melt into the skin to give it a radiant glow.  It is an absolute must have to help you through the festive season to get your skin gleaming! The palette is available in two different shades – Rose Addiction and Gold. It is a gorgeous trio of an illuminating bronzer, one soft highlighter and one metallic highlighter. Your skin will have a nice subtle sheen and a sun-kissed shimmer. Priced at €15.95 you can find L.O.V GLOWrious Highlighting & Bronzing Palette in Shaws Department Stores and selected pharmacies across Ireland.








Sugar and Acid in Skincare

Sugar and acid? It isn’t all bad for you if you aren’t eating it. Skin experts have long known the benefits of these ingredients in skincare so let’s dispel some of the lingo associated with skincare to help us understand what sugar or acid works best for each skin type. AHA- Alpha hydroxy acids are a group of natural acids found in foods. Alpha hydroxy acids include citric acid (found in citrus fruits), glycolic acid (found in sugar cane), lactic acid (found in sour milk), malic acid (found in apples) and tartaric acid (found in grapes). Various alpha hydroxy acids are applied to the skin (used topically) for moisturising and removing dead skin cells, for treating acne and improving the appearance of acne scars, for refining the appearance of photo-aged skin, and firming and smoothing skin. So how does it work? Alpha hydroxy acids work by removing the top layers of dead skin cells. They can also increase the thickness of deeper layers of skin, promoting firmness. Personally, I prefer this type of exfoliation as opposed to the grainy or scrubby type which for me always ends up with broken veins or touches of redness. PHAS- Polyhydroxy acids are ingredients such as gluconolactone and lactobionic acid. They’re supposed to be as effective as AHAs, but cause less sensitivity. Gluconolactone and lactobionic acid are chemically and functionally like AHAs. The significant difference between them and AHAs is that gluconolactone and lactobionic acid have larger molecular structures, which limits their ability to penetrate the skin, resulting in less potential for sensitising side-effects, this reduced absorption however is not thought to hamper their effectiveness.

Every sensitive skin type can tolerate PHAs even atopic and those prone to rosacea. Hyaluronic Acid is found naturally in our own skin, as we age it depletes and our skin loses the ability to preserve moisture, resulting in the visible loss of firmness and plumpness. Hyaluronic acid provides the ability to replenish moisture that is crucial to having younger-looking, supple skin. As well as being present in dermal fillers many cosmetic and cosmeceutical companies have included it in their products. I am a huge fan. So now that the science bit is over we can look to products that contain these magic ingredients.


Exfoliating Enzyme Nimue- €53 This gentle detaches the dead skin by breaking down the skin on the top most layer. It refines the skin texture and leaves the skin ready for optimum product penetration. Available in Coco Ballincollig.  Alpha-H Liquid Gold, €36 – Contains Glycolic and is dubbed the “overnight facial” this is perfect for lazy girls as you just apply it to your skin after you cleanse and it does all the demanding work while you sleep. It is suitable for pigmented, ageing or acne prone skin and contains 5% Glycolic. For the best in PHA look to Neo Strata for their Bionic cream, €49 which contains 12% PHA and can be used daily. It is perfect for irritated skin post microdermabrasion and is also available in an eye cream €48, available in Minihans. Pestle and Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum €43 is an Irish brand that is multi award winning. The Pure Hyaluronic serum has a low molecular weight. This means that the hyaluronic acid is easily absorbed because of its small molecule size and can penetrate deeper into the skin, faster, promoting collagen creation, and aid in tissue repair, as well as help the deeper layers of the skin to retain moisture. Available in Sam McCauley.

HA Intensifier €90, by Skinceuticals utilises a high concentration of key ingredients.  These ingredients work together to provide surface hydration, encourage the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid and prevent the degradation process. So not only are you replenishing but you are also inhibiting loss. These skincare hero ingredients are not only suitable for use on the face but also on the body.


Many body creams and lotions contain fruit acids and target these types of concerns on areas like knees elbows and keratosis pilaris (the bumps you get on the back of your arms). From the collarbones down normal exfoliation with a scrubs is also great but keeping your skin soft and supple means also putting back lost moisture.

Naked Heat 

I must admit to getting myself in an awful state when I heard that this pallet was being launched. As a middle aged blue eyed woman I could think about little else until I got it in my hands. Of course after the big walloping disappointment that was the naked basics ultimate I was still hopeful. I needn’t have worried or fretted because this delivered everything I expected . A nice selection of warm orangey tones which compliment my eye colour. A mixture of textures and finishes which were suitable for day or night.

 I love the fact that the packaging is solid and robust. The textures blend so well. The only one I think there is excess fallout from is the shade ember, so I’d advise caution with that. Other than that it’s a good all rounder. There isn’t any shade I don’t use however I love the one “dirty talk”. I haven’t anything but intense love for this Urban Decay Naked Heat and you can get it in Debenhams €48. 
This wasn’t a press sample or gift but using my brain I bought it during Mega Weekemd and so got 10 percent off xxxxx
Happy Heat dolls x