Oto at The Kingsley

CBD has taken the skincare and self-care space by storm. It is having quite its “moment” in the spotlight in skincare, drops and even haircare. Demand for the ingredient has skyrocketed, turning it from relatively unknown to the power term on every big skincare and wellness brand's hit list. CBD is a type of cannabinoid, … Continue reading Oto at The Kingsley

Mellomi is a new range for Curves

Wardrobe Plus is the leading Irish retailer specialising in affordable, plus size fashion. Founded in 2013, Wardrobe Plus comprises two stores in Gorey, Co. Wexford & in Ashford, Co. Wicklow and also operates an online business. It is part of the Wardrobe Group which was founded over 25 years ago by Aine O’Leary and has … Continue reading Mellomi is a new range for Curves

A Yonka at home treat

With our lives proving to be jam packed nowadays, longer work hours and our social lives returning post covid, it can often feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. We all need to recharge our minds and boost our energies occasionally to ensure that we can be our best selves.I … Continue reading A Yonka at home treat

Kinsale Hotel and Spa is the ultimate relaxation spot

I am going to set a sumptuous scene for you here. A summer stay in a hotel set in 90 acres of mature wooded parkland and offering panoramic views over Oysterhaven Bay that is just 30 minutes from Cork City and 5 minutes away from a thriving seaside town. The staff are friendly and the … Continue reading Kinsale Hotel and Spa is the ultimate relaxation spot

Emsella – A magic chair?

I wanted to start this article off honestly and say that bladder incontinence isn’t glamorous, it isn’t something to be made light of but it is something that affects women worldwide. It isn’t  shameful but i don’t think people talk enough about it. There are many factors that contribute to bladder urgency or incontinence. When … Continue reading Emsella – A magic chair?

Try the latest skin technology 

There is nothing that evolves faster than the beauty world, and being a self confessed skincare lover I was so intrigued by some of the latest launches.  The innovation and research that has gone into them is something so important and intriguing.  Following many years of research into the benefits of a healthy microbiome and … Continue reading Try the latest skin technology 

One to watch in 2022 – a sustainable skincare regime with SEABODY

All-Irish marine powered cosmetic and nutraceutical brand SEABODY has the perfect range for a guilt free beauty option for 2022. This biodesigned range of skin care will supply eco conscious skincare lovers with sustainable, ethical health and beauty products. Not only are the products vegan & cruelty free but they contain proprietary marine molecules that … Continue reading One to watch in 2022 – a sustainable skincare regime with SEABODY

Healing hands, compassionate hearts, intuitive minds at Priya

Wellness therapists, Priya, on French Church Street in Cork city, have integrated cannabidiol into unique new massage and reflexology treatments to help with pain, insomnia, and anxiety. The new spa offering involves CBD oil, mixed with massage oil, allowing it to absorb into the bloodstream quickly, as part of a therapeutic treatment. The first thing that … Continue reading Healing hands, compassionate hearts, intuitive minds at Priya