Naked Heat 

I must admit to getting myself in an awful state when I heard that this pallet was being launched. As a middle aged blue eyed woman I could think about little else until I got it in my hands. Of course after the big walloping disappointment that was the naked basics ultimate I was still hopeful. I needn’t have worried or fretted because this delivered everything I expected . A nice selection of warm orangey tones which compliment my eye colour. A mixture of textures and finishes which were suitable for day or night.

 I love the fact that the packaging is solid and robust. The textures blend so well. The only one I think there is excess fallout from is the shade ember, so I’d advise caution with that. Other than that it’s a good all rounder. There isn’t any shade I don’t use however I love the one “dirty talk”. I haven’t anything but intense love for this Urban Decay Naked Heat and you can get it in Debenhams €48. 
This wasn’t a press sample or gift but using my brain I bought it during Mega Weekemd and so got 10 percent off xxxxx
Happy Heat dolls x

Seoulista Masks 

Sheet masks are big business right now with the Korean trend taking the beauty world by storm. Hailed as a quick fix the idea is that they are infused with skincare and you can use them just once. Perfect for travel they are individually wrapped and super easy to use. They don’t break the bank either at €8.99 each. They work well for people what travel a lot or fly.. 

The one I am using in the picture is the charcoal one which decongestants and purifiys. It’s not harsh but my skin felt soft and nicely cleansed afterwards. Some clay or charcoal masks can leave you feeling tight but not these ones. They fit perfectly into my routine. My pores were enlarged after a long few weeks at the gym. With consistent use they will help to keep them clear. 

I think it’s best to use them in the evening as a pamper treat. You can put make up on afterwards however I feel you reap the rewards more if you leave your skin clear. 

To use them;Cleanse your face , press the mask onto your face and allow the serum to infuse for 20 minutes. No need to rinse. Rub the remaining serum into your face. 

Seoulista are free from parabens mineral oils and sulfates. So basically no nasties. They just work. It’s quite simple.

They are available from Dunnes Stores and SamMccauley. 

Commitment phobic nails 

Time and time again during the summer there are weddings BBQs and events and life is just busy for most people particularly stay at home mums when the kids are off school.

If like me you love glam nails but aren’t especially skilled at making it happen then it is worth checking out Kiss ready to wear nails. They are so realistic looking and come in a decorated arty style or a plain more subtle style. Available in Dunnes Stores and pharmacies they start from €10 and are a great idea for holidays or a weekend away. Your own nails still grow under them and I tried them twice and didn’t notice any major damage to my nails. They are ideal for weddings or for people that aren’t allowed to wear nail polish in work, they aren’t ideal though if you are working in food preparation obviously.

Just make sure your cuticles are nice and trimmed and that there is no oil or cream on your hands prior to applying them.

/they wil offer you a glam short term fix and you can do them at home. A win win.


Kiehls Butterstick SPF25

Matte Lipsticks are everywhere at the moment and so is the sun and hot clammy weather. this isn’t a good combination for our lips but if like me you are a lipstick addict then you will suffer or your art. The only way to wear the liquid lips is to get your lips in top shape. I have found this Kiehls Butterstick which has just been released on counter now absolutely fantastic for adding a smooth bit of moisture to my sometimes dry lips. There is a unique blend of oils and butters to help keep your lips supple and not cracked. The main one being the cure all coconut oil, which melts onto your lips like a dream. It is pricey at €22.50 however the product is amazing and the packaging clever so that it won’t open in your handbag and get ruined, anyone remember Labello? and how every single hair or fibre in your bag stuck to it because the plastic top wouldn’t stay on? So this will be a winter staple too and I think anyone thathas just starting dating or is on tinder might want to give it a try fro the kissability factor.


Shiseido WetForce BB 

I’m a Shiseido fan and anyone that’s a long term follower will know this. I don’t think there’s been a release in five years that I haven’t loved. Well another one is being added to my collection now and it’s the replacement for the Sun Make up factor 30 that has come on every holiday since around 2011. I was hesitant because I adored the old formula. Fear not though because the newer version is even better. The consistency is similar enough in that it’s still a liquid shake bottle. It’s still glowy and smooth but the factor is now 50 and get this it’s even more water and sweat resistant. I have been using this throughout the heatwave and it hasn’t worn or budget apart from around my nose but that’s due to my sneezing and hayfever. The glowy coverage is medium and buildable and the best part? No chalky finish in the formula. Sad as it sounds I judge any foundation on the number of compliments I receive on it. This one is quite the winner as it’s not that heavy that it sits in fine lines. I honestly think that it’s a year round winner too because I’ve had no breakouts or milia from use. It’s easy to apply with a brush. It’s available on counter in August and retails at €32 which is a bloody good price too. 
Happy Tuesday x 

Thalgo Limited Edition Zanzibar 

Summer is here and in full swing and the legs have most certainly been out during the nicer weather. After a winter and spring in trousers and opaque tights we all could do with a little scrub. Fresh out of the summer releases drawer at Glam Towers is this perfect duo of a salt scrub and hydrating milk. Indulgent and just the right amount of friction makes the salt scrub perfect for stimulating the wobbly thighs and dry upper arms. It really was no hardship whatsoever to use this scrub which has the lovely addition of oil which leaves the skin supple and feeling soft. This scrub works best on wet or damp skin.   The body milk is light and quite fresh in texture meaning it works well in the morning if you need to get dressed quickly. Drier skins will enjoy the combination of the scrub and milk. I found my skin was soft and it didn’t irritate my Psorasis at all. I didn’t scrub the atopic bits but did use the milk on them. 
In terms of the science and ingredients there’s a lot of natural salts and sands in the scrub. 

 The fragrance is warm and exotic and contains watermelon and cinnamon. For the nostalgic readers there is also a note of white musk which adds a certain nighttime sexiness to the body milk.  

Once or twice a week is enough for the scrub but the milk is now an everyday luxury for me. 

This is luxury bathing at it’s absolute best a perfect gift to yourself or someone else.

Ylang by Roger and Galet

Exotic and precious is the introduction I’d like to give to this Fragrance Friday.  Ylang is a floral fragrance that opens sweetly with a tropical type scent. The top notes are orange blossom which is always a winner for my nose, the heart of the perfume is Ylang which is complimented with a soft nuance of fragrant coconut. When I smelt this initially it transported me to a kinda warm rainy day and the notes of stone are subtle but make a wonderful addition to the fragrance. Anybody that’s watched my Snapchat will be aware of the fun I had guessing the notes in this particular scent.  It’s suitable for day or evening wear and is a great addition to your hand luggage, it lasted around 4 hours and it comes in a 50ml or 100ml.
It’s a limited one and perfect for a holiday fling, available from selected pharmacies and Marks and Spencer. It’s a little different and I’d consider it to be floral and a little oriental/ exotic. I think it’s suitable for all ages and for an extra boost use in your hair, the backs of your knees and wherever you usually place your perfume. 

Marc Jacobs Eau so Fresh Kiss 

I have smelt many a fragrance by Marc Jabobs and to be honest the last time I owned one was when he launched his original one way back in 2001. It was a fresh fragrance in a very understated bottle.  The fragrance was floral and musky and quite different at the time. Ten years ago saw the launch of Daisy and since then there’s been a few launches and his fragrances have become a little more frivolity filled and aimed at a broader audience. The most recent release is an EDT fragrance which is sweet and opens with a distinct mandarin and black currant burst, the combination of these makes for a rather     nectaurous beginning. The floral soft petals mid notes are primarily rose and the base is light and slightly woody. 

If you like a candied type scent that soft and youthful then it’s certainly right up your alley. It’s good to last and the bottle is so pretty for a dresser but perhaps slightly impractical for a handbag. I love impracticality though. 

It’s launched already and may just be a perfect scent for wedding season. I don’t think it’s a bridal scent I do however think it’s rather like a festival one. Young sweet and fun. If this describes you get yourself a bottle immediately. A lovely gift too.   

Rimmel Wake me up concealer 

The bags under my eyes are Prada if anyone asks however the dark circles that come as part and parcel of modern living could just do with vanishing. Don’t want to spend a fortune on concealing the deal? 

Rimmel wake me up contains vitamin C to wake up the eye area. The product has the magic formula that contains coverage and illumination and in just the right quantities.   It’s perfect to days when you’ve suffered lack of sleep or over indulged at the weekend. It comes with a wand but I find the most effective method of applying is just patting it in with your ring finger . Patting the concealer will help to keep it budge proof and it won’t sit in your fine lines. I’ve used it to add a little light to my forehead and nose to mouth lines. It’s not heavy duty enough for spots or red veins so leave that to the heavier textures.  

One of the best things about this is the face it’s under a tenner. 

The pharmacies always have Rimmel on various offers at different times so it’s worth shopping around, there’s a foundation in the range too and it’s equally flattering.